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Life. Metaphysics. Choice.


Life. Metaphysics. Choice.


I am Matt Selley, writer, speaker and pretty normal guy who ponders a lot. Probably way too much to be honest…

Anyway, welcome to my blog!

I write about my main loves in life, that being self-development through metaphysics and the masculine and feminine polarities.

Self-development because everyone has some shit they are working through and metaphysics because it adds a further dimension as to why and what may be affecting things from a deeper level.

The main focus of my work is the spiritual, psychological, scientific, geometric, yogic, and a few more other things.
I am passionate about making my work relatable and simply keeping it real through analogies, social commentary and (usually dry) humour.

If you resonate with what I have to say, great, if not, let me introduce Eckhart Tolle.


– Matt


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