Metaphysics Overview Index

20th October 2019
Matt Selley

Metaphysics Overview Index

This is an index page that lists the full series on my overview of metaphysics.
This series concentrates on the nature of reality and the human interaction with it. It looks at life from a holistic viewpoint, taking into accounts all aspects of influence.


You can choose to jump around each topic, but keep in mind that they have been written in a linear fashion and you would receive the most when reading in the correct order.

As this is a work in progress, each article will be added as they are written (usually weekly) but below is listed the planned topics.

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The Three Minds – the Unconscious, Conscious and the Superconscious

The Collective Consciousness

The Energetic Human

Vibration, Frequency and Resonance

Fractals, Patterns and Ratios Within Nature

Sacred Geometry

Intuition 01 – What is it and strengthening it

Intuition 02 – The dangers and wishful thinking

Manifestation 01 – The law of attraction – how it works

Manifestation 02 – Beliefs and influence

Manifestation 03 – A different situation for 1st world cultures

The Authentic Self

Human interaction and the Masculine and Feminine polarities



Lying Politicians – A Story of Collective Consciousness

Why do we collectively accept and even support politicians who are continually caught lying? Why do we react differently to them over somebody lying to us on a personal level?
This post explores the influence of the collective consciousness, collective negative emotions and how they can manifest via lying politicians – Phew

The Beautiful Mess Effect

Vulnerability is something that we admire in others but conversely, one of the hardest to portray ourselves. Why is such a seemingly simple task; that of being emotionally open, such a hard thing to do?

Men – Colour and Emotion

Emotions, like colours, can usually be described in great detail by women. So why do a lot of men have a hard time recognising emotional states and how they are feeling at any given time?

Pockets of Genius

Throughout history, why are there splatterings of genius in various fields, all within close proximity of each other and within the same timeframe?

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